I am an Asian-Australian artist born in Hong Kong, based in Canberra. A recurring theme of my practice is translation and belonging between cultures and time. My works often explore how language and identity mediate relationships. Video, sound, programming and installation are how I engage with the technological/ cultural frameworks I use to communicate with the people whom I love.



Iva Glisic, “Towards Transformative Propaganda: A History of Student Activism at the Australian National University”, Index Journal


Gorgeous Shadow Bent Dream

Tom Campbell, Joanne Leong, Jacquie Meng, Genie Stuart
17 September-29 October, 2022. Gallery 2, Tuggeranong Arts Centre

What happens in the millisecond between flicking the switch and the lighter igniting? There’s something beyond the apparent changes in temperature and light. A vocal distortion, sound stretching across and into the membrane between ear and comprehension. In the logic of a dream, a silk ribbon slips the surly bonds of earth and turns into a [lobster] or some other kind of digitally-realised costume. You might decide to whisper a secret to someone only to realise the music has stopped and you’re actually shouting. With one eye, the lights are on, and with the other, there’s some kind of dust on the lens, or gunk in the heart.

Gorgeous shadow, bent dream is a collaborative exhibition straddling performance, spectatorship, and the space generated in the exchange between performer, collaborator and audience. Emerging artists Tom Campbell, Joanne Leong, Jacquie Meng and Genie Stuart are interested in the ephemera of a performance – something which can imbue a stage, a projection, a poster, a painting, the sound itself with sheen, lustre, gloss and polish.

GSBD is an ASMR experience, a state of mind, a meet cute, and a love connection