I was asked by the Canberra Office of LGBTIQ+ Affairs to design the second action plan in a way that would reflect and be inclusive of the experiences and expressions of Canberra’s LGBTIQ+ community.

After an open-call out on social media, I commissioned twelve LGBTIQ+ illustrators across a range of backgrounds, identities and experience to illustrate the Capital of Equality Strategy: Second Action Plan. 

Under the umbrella of the acronym LGBTIQ+, there is a profound diversity of lived experience, with multitudes of sexual, gender, bodily and relational being. The illustrators were asked to create representations that de-centred the normative Australian image of LGBTIQ+, bringing their personal take on identity, lived experience, community and the policies into their work. 

To read the second action plan in full, visit the Office of LGBTIQ+ Affairs page.